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Crying is the First Sign of Life after Birth and is the Method of Communicating with Around World. Babies Cry Signal Carrying Useful Information to Detect Their Physical Characteristics and Moods. Baby Crying Voice Test can Help You to Improve Your Knowledge from Child's Hearing.The Advantages of This Method is Being Non-Invasive Compare to Other Audiometry Methods Such as ABR and OAE Methods. In Addition, Using This Test against Others Don’t Have any Enormous Cost, and there is no Financial Burden for Families and they can Test Their Child Hearing at Home without any Urban or Inter-Urban Travel.

  • The Child Must be aged between Six Months and Two Years.
  • The Maximum Response Time Takes 24 Hours.
  • All Test Information will Remain Confidential and the Results will be Notified Personally.
  • It should be Noted That This is not a Clinical Diagnosis, and Only a Doctor can diagnose the Disorder and Recommend its Treatment. 


  • Fill Profile Specification
  • record the voice after breastfeeding
  • Ensure the child's immediate needs such as hunger, thirst, etc.
  • Considering isolated location and away from noise
  • Being a child in the mother's hug 
  • Placed at a distance of ten to fifteen centimeters's form voice recorder device
  • You can record voice with any device, including mobile phone, recorder, microphone,etc
  • The recorded voice in any format is acceptable
  • Painful plantar stimulation by spoon by another person
  • Voice Recorded must be at least thirty seconds

Profile Specification