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Multipurpose and programmable electrical tools is capable of producing an electric current with sinusoidal, square, triangle, and combination of these wave forms. thus, in the following areas, and considering effective impedance (between 5 and 15 kilos ohm), it is able to apply the current to detect and relieve biological systems. Trans-tympanic promontory stimulation test (TPST), use of research in the field of tinnitus and capability to use for recording of electrical auditory brain-stem response (EABR).

The device has two parts, hardware and software . A software is designed as a user interface which installed on PC and help user to do a lot of operations for creating a desired electrical simulation easily utilizing software menus. The data transferred via serial port and network to hardware and finally the simulation is done through an active electrode that located in auditory canal and a passive electrode that can be placed on the mastoid or forehead.

RISK CLASS: B (Low moderate risk)