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Hearing is one of the most important human senses and forms an important part of a person's relationship with the surrounding environment. Because of problems in the auditory system and fix a significant impact on one's life will be very important.

Cochlear implants for deaf people given that the two ears are deaf and devices such as hearing aids, cannot use. They are divided into two categories; the first category includes those individuals who are suffering from congenital deafness. People who are born deaf are born to learn to speak can therefore be deaf and mute. In these circumstances, the only way to treat the disease, cochlear implant hearing. The second group that cochlear implant surgery is done for them, people who are speaking, but for reasons such as infection, accidents, diseases, genetic background, are suffering from hearing loss. The speech of the people gradually decreases and lose their ability to speak in the long run. People with congenital hearing loss up to five years may be cochlear implant surgery.

Due to the high importance of auditory area is one of the areas of active and continuous progress in the world. That's why many articles in this area are recorded annually in the world. It is one thing to improve existing systems in order to progress in this area will be of interest to all professionals and manufacturers. For this purpose, it is necessary to make continuous desire to experiment with new processing algorithms, system upgrades related to forgive. That's why ARM processor-based hardware was built to connect the radio transmitter system [1], and new computer algorithms will be tested.

  • Send and receive information from computer hardware SIB and then the RF and vice versa, through port USB.
  • Check the accuracy of data sent and received.
  • Its hardware RF units and send data to the unit to stimulate the implant
  • Adjustable features such as Coarse Amp, Pulse Duration and Pulse Gap.
  • The ability to receive data file and send it to the output of Matlab software inside the head.
  • Compatibility with Combi40 +

compatible with: