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Tanin Pardaz Pasargad Co

Tanin Pardaz Pasargad is a pioneering knowledge-based company and its main activity is focused on solving hearing problems. With the motto "Life without Disabilities and Pain for All", we are proud to have taken promising, hopeful, and effective steps to treat patients in this area. The company started its activities in January 2013 and since then always maintained its partnership with the University Research Base to step on the edge of knowledge, consequently, based on the specialized knowledge of electronics, software, and medical engineering, and benefiting from a wide range of specialists in these fields along with collaboration with otolaryngologists, it has fulfilled its responsibilities to date and provided the best answer to the main needs of the target community with a deep understanding of the issue. It would not have been possible to provide this answer without attempt, commitment and hope. Relying on our motivation to treat hearing problems, we have been able to produce cochlear implant systems, electrical and acoustic stimulation systems, and also for expanding the knowledge of the hearing treatment ecosystem, we provided expert consulting and scientific meetings for the community of professionals. The company's primary focus is on hearing aids and offers products and services in the following areas:
Cochlear implant systems
Hearing Detection Systems
Electrical and acoustic excitation systems
Providing engineering consulting services and holding specialized meetings in the field of hearing research
holding educational courses



  • Membership in the Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Medical, Dental and Laboratory Equipment
  • Member of the computer trade union system
  • Member of Iran-Oman, Iran-Germany and Iran-Iraq Chambers of Commerce

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