+TAPPS The echo of your dream echoes our footsteps

TAPPS+ as iranian product is ready to compet with similar foregin products.

Being intergrated having modern design,ability to be used in long-term with power bank.

having up-to-date techniligy and high-quality production are the special features of this product. low weight,small siza,super strength magnets,and diffrent designs and colors are the distinctions between this product and other ones in this field

طنین پرداز پاسارگاد


-24 Gr (with battery pack) Tapps+ audio

-11/5 Gr (with out battery pack) Tapps+ audio

-Dimension with battery pacck: 53mm*42mm*15mm

-Dimension with out battery: 33mm*33mm*15mm

طنین پرداز پاسارگاد

Small & Thin

Tapps+ as an integrated product uses the most sophisticated technology in thr world. It has turned to be a small and light product. Ability to use power bank instead of battery pack makes this product much smaller and lighter. Weight of Tapps+ with full battery pack is 2 grams and with out battery pack is 11.5 grams.

Compatible Hardware & Software

– C40+ implants 

– Tapps+ system software 1.0

– Battery pack

– Compatible with all power banks

طنین پرداز پاسارگاد

Products Features

– One omni directional microphone

– Automatic volume control with AGC

-Manual volume control with switch

– Manual sensitivity control with switch

-Failure indicator alarm LED

-Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD) class.4

Color Option

+TAPPS will be available in different designs and colors suitable for various user types which also provides a pleasant feeling during their usage. This feature along with its small size help Tapps+ to be easily hidden and concealed.


A Micro-USB port (for power supply and audio parameters adjustment)

TAPPS + provides effective features with a Micro-USB number. It is possible to use different types of power banks and also the possibility of connecting TAPPS + to a computer to adjust the hearing parameters through this port.

طنین پرداز پاسارگاد

Optional Battery Characteristics

Small battery set specifications:

– Length: 32 mm

– Width: 42 mm

– Height: 15 mm

– Weight: 12.5 grams

Battery consumption:

– Lasts up to 30 hours using 3 Zinc-Air batteries

– Durability up to 10 days using a variety of power banks with a capacity of more than 2600 mAh

Powerbank specifications:

This device is compatible with all power banks.