The transtympanic promontory stimulation test (TPST) is a useful method for evaluating effectiveness of a cochlear implant surgery especially in patients with weak auditory nerves and also in deaf persons with long experience of deafness. We can obtain the correlation value between dynamic range of auditory nerve and electrical range of cochlear implant using this method thereby estimating speech perception of a patient. These benefits can be achieved by executing TPST utilizing our ETT device in which other functionalities also exist.

طنین پرداز پاسارگاد

In addition to TPST, our device was designed to generate electrical stimulation with various patterns and amplitudes for evaluating patient’s tinnitus level and type. The result of evaluation can be used to choose the right method of medical treatment in which electrical stimulation is employed. System capabilities can be summarized as follows:

Possibility of generating electrical stimulation with various shapes like sinusoidal, rectangular and triangular or defining a specific pattern by the user combining all foregoing shapes.

  • Altering stimulation frequency and level up to 1mA.
  • Adjusting stimulation timing and repeating stimulation.
  • Raising alarm and stopping operation in the case of painful stimulation asking physician/therapist to configure the parameters again.